Tea Cups can be Flower Pots?

Yep! Tea cups can be used as flower pots also.


Requirement: simple tea cups, cacti or succulents, small pebbles or stones, cactus soil and a few broken shells, aquarium rocks or marbles to display on top.


All you have to do is get some potting soil and some herbs you want to plant and to have fun turning the cup into a pot.

Then you can put it on a shelf, a window sill or make it gift for someone


It’s very easy to do so, even for a kid. Just give him/her all the things and he/she would have fun with that. If you don’t have tea cups or you don’t want the kid to ruin them, simple jars, old watering cans or small buckets and containers… all can be ok.


You can create your own collection of cute little tea cup planters. They don’t all have to match. Each one can be different, from a different set. They’ll be linked by the fact that they underwent the same transformation. You can also do this with regular cups or with coffee mugs. 

If you’re interested a lot in gardening or diy and looking for a good way to decorate your house. Choose a decent coffee mug and suitable flowers to plant. They’d definitely look very fresh and cheerful, inviting spring beauty into your home.

Sometimes, they’re even can be used for spring parties, events or even weddings




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