How to plant herbs on a coffee mug

Possible to plant any tree or flower on a coffee mug?


Plants: herbs should be a good option because the size of a mug is limited

here: Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano

Container: three jumbo sized mugs

How to:

Step 1: fill each mug with a little bit of potting soil

Recommendation: drill a small hole in the bottom of the cup or adding some small pebbles to the bottom will allow for necessary drainage!

Step 2: break up the herb party and place each one inside an individual mug

Step 3: fill around the sides with more potting soil, give them a drink of water, and then done!

When they get too large (and they are close), you can move them outside or to larger pots, and start over with some new seeds.  you could also get some basil and parsley growing next.

Hint of color to the mugs:

You could grab any color (here: pink and red) sharpies to fill in some random dots or draw anything on it if you use a white mug.

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