How to make a paper mug

Here are tips to help you to make a paper (as a gift, esp. for kids 🙂 )

Materials for use:

  • Printable blue marble paper template
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick

Template download:


Step 1: Use scissors to cut out two rectangles from each sheet of the blue marbled paper printable. (Each rectangle makes two mugs.) Cut the rectangle into two 2” strips and two ½” strips as shown.

Step 2: Cut and discard 1” off the length of the 2” wide strip. On the ½” wide strip, cut a length 3” long and discard the rest. I tried to use the most blue part of the strip.

Step 3: Roll the wide strip and glue into a tube. This is the main cup of the mug!

Step 4: For the thin strip, fold a ¼” flap on each end and use the glue stick to attach this onto the bigger tube as a handle. Repeat!


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