Cup for Tea Bag Use


It’s good to have tea in the office.  Usually, people use a tea bag instead of making tea through a tea pot. But sometimes, it seems a bit inconvenient to use a common mug/cup with a tea bag. Here is the best tea cup, designed for tea bag use. Look here:

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Tea Cups can be Flower Pots?


Yep! Tea cups can be used as flower pots also.   Requirement: simple tea cups, cacti or succulents, small pebbles or stones, cactus soil and a few broken shells, aquarium rocks or marbles to display on top.   All you have to do is get some potting soil and some herbs you want to plant and […]

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Which is the Most Interesting Paper Cup 2018


Which paper cup should I use? Maybe you focus on health and quality when you’re looking for coffee mugs. But, here, I’ll guide you to choose paper cups for the purpose of fun and happiness. Here you go. 1 Eatable coffee cup 2 Paper cup with interesting painting It means, “let’s hurt each other” or […]

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Review: Mugs purchased from


Received! I’ll chip in words of mugs i bought from (actually, the site is under development now and i got info from her Facebook: This is what i have… Two mugs for my best friend Maggie and myself…looks good! The item comes to my end for 5 days. Everything is good incl. The box […]

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Color Changing Mug with Walking Dead for Halloween


Color/heat changing mug is your way to go in the Halloween 2018 Have fun in Halloween 2018!

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