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The best way to hold a coffee mug is… (by Scientists)


Do you hold a coffee mug in a good way? Here are some good tips and foundings from the scientist. Enjoy!   For some people, coffee is more than just a comforting beverage to sip with breakfast: it’s a magical elixir that grants energy and banishes sleep. But it’s unfortunately easy to spill while walking […]

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How to plant herbs on a coffee mug


Possible to plant any tree or flower on a coffee mug?   Plants: herbs should be a good option because the size of a mug is limited here: Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano Container: three jumbo sized mugs How to: Step 1: fill each mug with a little bit of potting soil Recommendation: drill a small hole in […]

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Possible to use chalks to draw/write on coffee mugs?


Today, we’ll talk about a new coffee mug that chalks can write and draw on – chalkboard coffee mug. It seems as your personal canvas. You can leave love or hate notes for your boyfriend/husband, mark your mug at the office, doodle for stress relief, or leave reminder for yourself (i.e. buy coffee todayJ) Img: […]

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How to make a paper mug


Here are tips to help you to make a paper (as a gift, esp. for kids 🙂 ) Materials for use: Printable blue marble paper template Scissors Ruler Glue stick Template download: Tutorial: Step 1: Use scissors to cut out two rectangles from each sheet of the blue marbled paper printable. (Each rectangle makes two mugs.) […]

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What to do if I break my boss cup?


To: Help. This morning, I broke my boss’ coffee cup. Do you have any good idea of a boss cup? replied: No worries. Pls say sorry to him/her. And buy a mug or cup, better the same as him or similar to the one he/she used. Mug designed for your boss: Simple […]

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Notice: under Development


Hell, bro. We’re sorry to tell you all is under development now! So there are lots of things need to be improved! We’re  trying our best to make it perfect and able to work to your end. Pls. leave your comment here if you have any good suggestion or idea of either website development or […]

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You must know it before you buy a glass mug!


Here are things you have to know before buying glass, for health and saving a lot First, classified by material classification: 1. ordinary glass: That is, the traditional glass made mainly of common ordinary glass materials, including: 1. Na2SiO3 (sodium silicon glass) 2. SiO2 (quartz glass) 3. Na2O·CaO·6SiO2 (soda lime glass) 4. CaSiO3 (calcium silica […]

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Color Changing Mug with Walking Dead for Halloween


Color/heat changing mug is your way to go in the Halloween 2018 Have fun in Halloween 2018!

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How to make your own mug with sharpie pens


Tutorial: How to custom your mug with pens for DIY   Step 1: Make sure that your mug is thoroughly cleaned If not, rubbing alcohol will help you a lot Don’t forget to remove all stickers with price and the like! If not, they would be burned when you bake the mug. Step 2: Design it yourself […]

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Where to buy pens to write or draw on a mug


Pens to help you custom your own mug Where to:  

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